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  The Team

Millie Baxter
Workshop Manager 

I have been fortunate to work at Waveney Rush for 26 years. The work is hard but incredibly rewarding. As all of our products are custom made each order offers new challenges, and I particularly enjoy the variety that this creates in the job. It is incredibly satisfying to receive the positive feedback from our customers and to develop relationships with the customers, new and old, who have worked with us over the years. A recent highlight was a trip to Maine, USA to fit five carpets in a private residence; it is always wonderful to see the carpets in situ and to see how delighted the customers are with the finished article.



Julie Pavitt
Assistant Workshop Manager

I am celebrating 28 years of enjoyable service this year (2016) so have experienced the company changing and evolving whilst the traditional rush weaving techniques and the products remain unchanged and, thankfully, ever as popular.
As the weavers progress with the company we are trained in all aspects of the weaving and sewing processes. My speciality is basket sewing and it is incredibly satisfying to see a coil of braid and a ball of string transformed into a beautiful basket that can be used and treasured for years to come.


Susan Fish

My primary role within the workshop is sewing up the 9-ply braid into beautiful rugs and carpets and finally hand sewing the binding on to the edges. As this is one of the final processes it is always satisfying to see how a mat takes shape and how the colours of the braid combine to create a coherent and striking carpet or rug. Orders that require cut-outs or intricate binding detail are always more challenging but I enjoy how all the weavers come together to work as a team for these orders to make sure that all of our products leave the workshop exactly to our customer's specifications.
I am very fortunate to be part of the measuring and fitting team at Waveney Rush and it is always wonderful to see the products in their final homes and to meet the customers who commission them.


Linda Denny

I started at Waveney Rush in July 2012 and in the time since have mastered the 9-ply matting weave and the 3-ply basket weave. It is very enjoyable to work in a traditional craft industry in modern times and to see how our customers appreciate and value the craft and its history. It is also lovely to work within a small team where everyone is included and appreciated, particularly as there are a few talented cake makers in the group!



Gemma Whittle

I joined the company like Linda in July 2012 and, like Linda, in the time since have focused on the 9-ply and 3-ply weaves. I am now being trained in basket making, sewing and the 11-ply weave. I applied for the position as a weaver as it directly related to the textiles course I completed at College and gave me the opportunity to work in a hands-on and creative environment. I am looking forward to learning more of the skills used in the craft and being able to weave as fast as some of the other weavers whilst still holding a conversation!


Paul Blowers
Maintenance Operative

I have worked at Waveney Rush since 2002. My job varies from preparing the rushes for weaving; the packing, storing and delivering of products; to general property maintenance and support. As the company is based in an old maltings building built in 1832 there is always a plentiful supply of work to keep me busy.

As the only man working in the company I am often overwhelmed by female opinion (!) and yet all the same I enjoy working with my colleagues, particularly on Birthdays and special occasions, when cakes and treats are supplied in abundance!


Donna Franklin
Accounts and Office

I joined Waveney Rush in 2015 working in the office. I love that my role is varied including corresponding with clients on a daily basis, offering quotations, accepting orders and arranging the shipping of our beautiful mats and baskets. I also deal with the accounts side of the business and payroll along with making sure that the team have everything they require to work efficiently. I am very fortunate to work with such a fantastic team who work extremely hard to make these high quality handmade products to sometimes tight deadlines; it certainly helps me personally, as I am a quite a perfectionist.


Laura Bridgland

I joined Waveney Rush in July 2015. I applied for the position through college as it linked to the Textiles course I was taking. Since joining the team I have been trained in the 9-ply, 3-ply and 11-ply weaves. I have enjoyed learning a skill that can be traced back hundreds of years and I look forward to being trained in other areas of the craft.


Anna Toulson 
Office Manager

I have been the Managing Director since 2006.  I am one member of a friendly, highly skilled, and extremely professional team who work for the love of the craft and the satisfaction and pride of producing beautiful rush products for all of our customers. A great deal of my work is office based, yet the most enjoyable periods of my working life are spent with the team in the workshop, fitting carpets in customers’ properties, and wading waist deep in the river to harvest rushes.


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